It is essential that proper care be taken of children’s feet from the very beginning since the feet of children, particularly babies, and toddlers, are extremely delicate. 

To ensure that the foot grow normally and without impediment, it is essential to have shoes that provide the appropriate amount of room as well as support. In other words, you must buy comfortable kids’ shoes. It may come as a surprise to learn that many children have foot problems later in life due to wearing shoes that are improperly fitting, but this is true. Therefore, children must start off wearing the appropriate footwear. In this blog, you will know what to consider when buying your kids’ footwear. So, continue reading. 

How to Choose the Right Shoes? 

Getting the right toddler shoes is essential because these are the years when their posture, walking style, and spinal health are built. Most of the time, it hasn’t been true that lightweight shoes are the best. So that the toddler’s calf muscles can grow, the shoe needs to be heavy. This will directly lead to stronger legs. It’s different for older kids or adults, who may have better posture if they often walk to strengthen their leg muscles. Following are the tips that you should follow while buying kids’ footwear for your child. 

  • Pay attention to foot health, not price

Even though it isn’t always true that expensive shoes are better, you shouldn’t expect cheap children’s shoes. It might seem difficult to spend more money on shoes for kids when they grow out of them so fast, but their feet need to have good shoes. 

Using used shoes is not a good idea because your child’s shoes should fit their feet. You might be tempted to use shoes for siblings more than once to save money, but this isn’t a good idea. This is only fine if the shoes aren’t worn very often, like those worn only on special occasions.


  • Consider your child’s age

Toddler footwearmay be a fashion statement, but they don’t need it when infants are still crawling. Most children don’t require shoes until they start walking. At that point, a shoe with a soft sole is best. 

Toddlers can walk a lot, so their shoes should be light because they do a lot of standing and walking. At this age, you don’t have to worry about formal athletic shoes because a child’s foot arch doesn’t usually form until they are 6 to 8 years old. 

By the time your child is in primary school, you can start buying them athletic shoes, including shoes that are made for the sports they may play. Also, kids shouldn’t wear shoes with no backs, high heels (even if the heels aren’t too high), or flip-flops. 

  • Frequent foot size measurements 

The feet of your child will change as they age. A child’s feet can grow approximately 1mm each month. Thus, you should measure their feet every six months. Moreover, one of the feet is bigger than the other. When purchasing shoes for a kid, you must determine which foot is larger. The new footwear must be between 12 and 17 mm larger than the foot. Nevertheless, since children tend not to sit still, removing the sole of their shoe & measure it instead of measuring their feet directly is advisable. 

  • Avoid purchasing overly large footwear. 

Attempting to avoid purchasing shoes in a few months by purchasing shoes that are a size or two larger than required might do more damage than good. Your child’s feet will slide about in shoes that are too large, resulting in an uneven gait, unintended tripping, and aching feet from excessive rubbing inside the footwear. 

  • Avoid purchasing adult-styled footwear

Avoid purchasing children’s sizes of adult shoe designs like slide-on’s, flip-flops, high heels, and cowboy boots with pointed toes. What is attractive and trendy now might cause foot issues and back discomfort as an adult. Shoes and boots with pointed toes might impede proper foot and toe growth. Flip-flops and slide-on’s cause your child’s toes to curl to hold the footwear, resulting in an abnormal walking stride. If adult-style shoes are required for a particular occasion, they should only be worn for a few hours. 

Find a store that specializes in kid’s shoes. 
Expert help is always a good idea. People who work at a kid’s shoe store will know about kids’ feet and shoes. They can help you find the perfect footwear for your child. However, consider Action Eva for your kid if you are looking for the best. 

A kid’s shoe size chart should also be posted in stores that sell shoes for children. Feel free to use them. That’s why they’re there! You can find helpful information there. 

If your child wears the wrong shoes, they could hurt badly. It can take longer to learn to walk and cause several physical problems. So, if you remember these tips, your next trip to the shoe store with your kid will be a breeze.