Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Own

As the saying goes, shoes can either make or break an appearance. The correct pair of footwear can indeed take an ensemble to the next level or, conversely, make it a fashion disaster.

Shoes have the power to set the style for an ensemble. A pair of sneakers always gives off a relaxed feel, yet a pair of stiletto pumps may instantly elevate any ensemble. Also, you should have some basic shoes that go with everything.

In a perfect world, we would all have walk-in wardrobes filled with shoes to complement any ensemble. In reality, though, you only need a few pairs of shoes that will complement your attire.

This article describes a few must have footwear for ladies that each and every woman should have to complement any outfit.

  • Ballet flats

If you have a job that requires you to travel a lot, whether it’s in an office or out in the field, ballerina flats made of patent leather are your best option. These are timeless, elegant, and comfy all at the same time. They are an excellent alternative for women who find it difficult to walk in heels. Also, it is a perfect choice for those who are quite tall and do not wish to give their co-workers a stiff neck as a result of wearing heels.

  • Pump shoes

The most elegant footwear ever created is the pump, often known as an opera slipper or a court shoe. They are perfect for wearing to the office as heels. They are incredibly adaptable and may be worn with anything from jeans to pantsuits to trousers and skirts. This is one of the must have footwear for ladies.

  • White sneaker

Any getup may be instantly elevated to the level of relaxed, polished, and laid-back ease by just adding a pair of timeless white sneakers. They are versatile enough to be worn at any time of the year. As soon as you find a pair of shoes that you adore, you won’t be able to wear anything else. So, when it comes to sneakers every woman should own, it is obviously white sneakers.

  • Loafers

The loafer was introduced a few years ago, and ever since then, we have been left wondering how we could have survived without them. As soon as you put them on, an outfit will appear instantly more put-together and sophisticated, and due to the fact that they are absolutely flat, they are a chicer option for a ballerina flat. If you’ve never owned a pair of loafers before, the safest bet is to purchase a pair in the timeless color black. However, if you already have a number of pairs of loafers in your closet, you might want to consider purchasing a pair in a bold color or print to add some variety to your shoe collection. So, this is one of the must-have shoes 2022 that you should have in your shoe collection.

  • Flip-Flops

These don’t call for much in the way of an explanation, to be honest. Flip-flops, which feature a flat sole, are the ideal sandals for wearing on a daily basis and are the most convenient pair of shoes that any woman should own. These shoes are designed for women and include a strap in the shape of a Y that extends from the front side of the sole to the sides of the shoe. There is a plethora of different styles of flip-flops available on the market today, ranging from those made of standard rubber to those with sparkly metallic straps. So, when it comes to flats every woman should own, it is obviously a pair of flip-flops.

  • Kitten Heels

The term “kitty heel” describes a short stiletto heel, which is typically between 2.5 and 5 cm in height and tapering at the top. A kitten heels pair will have a tiny curve around the instep of the shoe. This type of heel is particularly well-suited for women who do not feel at ease walking around in high-heeled shoes. The name of this footwear comes from the purpose they were initially designed for, which was to “train kittens,” also known as young girls, to eventually wear shoes with higher heels.

  • Block Heels

Block heels are a shoe style that manages to strike the ideal balance between being comfortable and looking stylish. Because your body weight is distributed evenly throughout your entire foot while wearing these heels, you will experience a great deal of stability, support, and comfort. The name of these heels gives away their block-like design and broad foundation. There are many different designs and shapes of block heels, which means that the breadth of the heel can vary from one form to another. You have many possibilities from which to choose, and this is the must have footwear for ladies.


Women’s footwear is an essential component of their attire. A few of them are mentioned here that every woman would love to have in her shoe collection. So, these are some must have footwear for ladies.

Mistakes to avoid while buying school shoes for kids

You’re a really responsible parent, you must have completed all the major back-to-school shopping and errands a few weeks before school begins. What remains?

Make sure your child’s feet are school-ready! Children’s feet can grow up to 2 sizes in six months if they are experiencing a significant growth spurt. Leaving children with worn-out, tight black school shoes can result in a variety of foot and ankle issues, such as ingrown toenails, sprains, and heel pain. So, if your young princess is growing rapidly and wants fashionable uniform shoes, purchase her school girl shoes that fit well.

Consider these black school shoes shopping suggestions to ensure that your children have the best foot possible:

  • Purchasing Sizes to Grow Into

The most common error parents make while purchasing white or black school shoes for their children is getting larger sizes so their children can grow into them. Believe me, I have been there! This might be a pricey error since you may need to purchase another shoe pair sooner than expected.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that children’s feet may grow rapidly or slowly, so it’s advisable to get shoes in the correct size rather than purchasing a larger size in the hopes that they’ll fit later. In addition, many toddler shoes are available in a wide range of lengths and widths, making it imperative to measure your child’s feet and select a suitable size before making a purchase.

  • Buying non-school-specific shoes for school

Sneakers are suitable for specific occasions but not for daily wear. Ballet flats may be acceptable for special events or casual wear, but they are not ideal for the daily rigors of the playground.

You should avoid shoes with extremely high heels, as they can exacerbate leg problems and cause instability.

  • Are you Neglecting slip-resistant Designs?

Do you need a pair of black school shoes for a teen? Make sure that you give the selection of slip-resistant products some consideration. Senior girls & boys can use the non-slip types as their school shoes and job attire. In addition, they will easily mix in with standard classroom designs because the superior safety features are tastefully integrated.

Youth shoes with slip resistance have non-slip soles and durable rubber outsoles that are resistant to oil & other messes. These durable and comfortable sneakers feature heel impact cushioning, adjustable and cushioned insoles, and arch support.

These beautiful styles will keep your youngsters feeling great for hours, whether they’re in school or on the job during a tough shift!

  • Avoid Slip-on Shoes and Hand-me-downs 

If you are a parent of more than one child, you might be tempted to hand down or buy used school shoes. However, this is something you absolutely should not do because a worn shoe will have conformed to the shape of the foot of the child who wore it before your child, which could lead to foot problems for your child.

Slip-on shoes are likewise not advised for wear over an extended period of time; instead, podiatrists prescribe lace-up, buckle-up, or Velcro shoes for school kids.

  • Not Checking the Shoe’s Quality

Parents frequently make grave errors while purchasing shoes for their children by failing to examine the shoes’ quality. 

Opting for a trustworthy company that offers high-quality shoes when purchasing footwear is essential. Be sure to read internet reviews prior to making a purchase. Additionally, it is vital to inspect shoes prior to purchase. Look for durable materials and designs that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Further, it is crucial to keep in mind that toddlers can be rough on shoes. So, you should avoid spending a large amount of money on black school shoes that will only last for a few months.

  • Lacking Concern for the Weather

When purchasing white or black school shoes for your children, you should also consider the weather. You will need to select footwear that is suited for the weather circumstances. A few shoes are more suitable for hot weather, whereas others are more suited for cold weather.

Additionally, it is crucial to evaluate the activities your kid will engage in. Pick a good waterproof shoe if they will be playing outdoors in the rain and a durable shoe with strong traction if they will be engaging in a great deal of physical activity.


So, there are a number of common oversights made by parents when it comes to purchasing footwear for their children. The most typical ones are failing to take into consideration the event, failing to take into consideration the child’s age, and selecting inappropriate items. If you steer clear of these common blunders, you’ll have a far better chance of finding the right pair of white or black school shoes that your youngster will adore, as well as shoes that will be beneficial to both their feet and your bank account.

Ten things to keep in mind before buying a footwear

Footwear is an essential part of our everyday life. And one must select the correct type of footwear for a trouble-free walking experience. In older times, people used to wear shoes to protect their feet from potential threats like spikes, heat, thorns etc. But recently, footwear has become an inevitable part of fashion and lifestyle.

Finding the perfect regular footwear is essential but, at the same time, challenging. So, if you struggle to find suitable regular footwear, keep reading. Here we will discuss the top 10 things you should remember while buying footwear. So, let us continue.

Top 10 things to keep in mind

Many footwear manufacturing companies offer different types of footwear. And choosing the best shoes for your feet is tough. So here are the top 10 things to help you buy footwear that perfectly matches your need.

Right fitting

Fitting is important when selecting footwear. Always buy footwear that fits you perfectly. You can measure your feet every time you get a new shoe. It will help you to understand the current size of your feet and choose the pair of footwear accordingly. Also, remember to select the exact size of the shoe that fits you and never go with tight-fitting shoes.

Choose carefully

One should never buy footwear in a hurry. When you buy footwear in a rush, you can end up with the wrong or incompatible pair of footwear. Buying the proper footwear needs time and attention. It would help if you had enough time on your hand when you go footwear shopping, so you could experiment with different shoes and observe them before buying.

Try them out

Trying footwear before buying one is also essential. You should always wear different pairs of footwear and check the fitting and comfort level before buying footwear. You can also wear the shoes and walk for a while to understand if they are comfortable for waking or not. Also, remember to wear footwear on both feet to check if there is any difference between their size or comfort standards.

Check Material

Another vital aspect of any footwear is the material. Nowadays, you can get different kinds of footwear made of various materials. And you need to pick footwear with comfortable material for a better experience. You should select the footwear material depending on the usage, weather and the landscape you live in. But always choose a material that does not feel harsh to your skin and feet.

Go for flats

Another thing you should remember is to choose flats over heels. Health experts and many footwear manufacturers agree that high heels are unsuitable for human health. And wearing them for long hours can lead to various health complications, including knee and back pain, inflammation and cramps in the feet, etc. So, when you pick regular footwear, try to choose flats over heels.

Perfect timing

Timing also matters for buying footwear. It may seem irrelevant at first, but in reality, it does matter a lot. It is scientifically proven that our feet expand during the daytime due to walking and other activities. Therefore, you should always buy your shoes in the afternoon or evening when your feet have expanded to their size.


Flexibility is another major thing that you should consider while buying regular footwear. Examine the footwear’s flexibility properly before buying it. If a shoe is not flexible and seems too hard to bend or squeeze, it may break after little use. Also, non-flexible footwear will be harsh on your feet. You should select flexible footwear that feels good and brings a comfortable walking experience.


The durability of your footwear is also essential. You should always check the durability before buying footwear. Indian climates are mostly harsh whether it is monsoon, summer or winter. That is why you should always check the durability, especially if you are looking for everyday use. You need to check the material, sole style, footwear style etc., to ensure high-quality footwear.

Look at the finishing-

Another thing you need to remember while buying footwear is to check the finishing of the footwear. Look at the stitches, sole style etc to ensure you buy the best footwear.

Know about the manufacturer

Checking a manufacturer’s detail is also essential before buying footwear. Choose a well-reputed and recognized manufacturing company, as they offer quality footwear at reasonable prices.

Selecting perfect regular footwear needs time and proper attention to detail. And when you visit Action Eva, you get high-quality footwear at affordable prices.

How to choose the ideal pair of slippers

A slipper is a style of footwear that is simple to put on and take off. Choosing a pair of slippers might be difficult. Many people often make mistakes while selecting the slippers for themselves.

Selecting the wrong slipper for your feet may cause various problems. However, slippers also offer many benefits. They protect the health of our feet and provide relaxation, which other footwear cannot. They give the feet the relaxation they need to recover from the pressures of a typical day.

Also, the slipper comes in various sizes and materials. There are several variables to consider when purchasing a pair of slippers. The right pair might help the blood circulate in the legs effectively since they won’t bind the feet. This is why finding the perfect match is so vital.

There are several footwear brands in the market, but not every brand provides quality and comfortable footwear. However, brands like Action EVA provide comfortable and quality footwear.

The variables you should take into account when purchasing slippers are covered in the following blog.

Factors to consider

The following are the factors that you should follow when buying slippers.


When choosing slippers, one should take care of the material. The better the material, the more comfortable your feet will be.

It is essential to think about the materials that are most comfortable and best for the foot. The materials you choose should not only be comfortable, but they should also allow for airflow.

Today’s market offers a wide variety of materials but not all materials are suitable for your feet. You should select a slipper that has quality material.


Like material, quality is also essential. You don’t want to spend money on footwear that will quickly break after a while. This is why you need to pay attention to the slippers’ quality. You should purchase slippers made of robust materials because you will most likely use them every day. If you want a long-lasting slipper, consider the Action Eva Flotters.

Select the perfect size

The size is the most crucial consideration when choosing slippers for daily usage. As a first step, make sure your slippers or flip-flops fit your feet comfortably.

Never buy slippers that are a smaller or larger size. If the slippers you buy are too small for your foot or if they are challenging to adapt, they could result in problems like ligament rips. On the other side, if the slippers are too big, walking may be difficult, and you risk hurting your ankles or feet.

Always leave enough space between your toes and the edge of the slipper. Understanding your foot size is essential for finding shoes that fit correctly. It would assist in choosing the appropriate size slippers. This will safeguard you from any potential walking-related injuries. You can opt for the Action Eva Flotters for a comfortable experience.

Comfort level

Comfort is critical when choosing indoor footwear. While moving around your home, you want to feel comfortable and as if you are wearing nothing on your feet. Make sure not to buy tight slippers as they can make you uncomfortable if worn for a long. Always attempt to choose a pair of slippers that offers strong arch support.

Action Eva Flotters delivers the best slippers that are not only comfortable but also long-lasting. The arch support of the Action Eva Slippers helps with body alignment.


It’s essential to have slippers with adequate grip, especially if you’re buying them for elderly folks or people having balance issues. The likelihood that they will slip or fall on wet floors within the house decreases with increasing grip strength. Action Eva is an option if you want a better grip.


The slippers come in a wide range of patterns and colours. It’s crucial to pick shoes that make you feel comfortable. Choose the style that suits you. If you are looking for trending footwear, you can opt for an Action Eva. They come in a variety of designs and colours.

The bottom line

Buying a slipper is not always an easy task. You must look after various parameters such as size, design, grip, material, and quality to get a perfect pair of slippers.

Always choose the right size of slippers for your feet. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect slippers, consider the above factors before purchasing.

Action Eva Flotters is the best option if you are searching for high-quality, comfy, and long-lasting footwear. The Action Eva is available in a variety of sizes and patterns. Because Action EVA is adaptable, you can use it both inside and outside. You won’t find any other pair of slippers that will provide you with the same level of comfort and relaxation as the Action Eva Flotters .


Best Slippers for Men, Women and Kids
While the whole world boasts about their collection of sneakers or fancy heels, the honest truth is, true comfort comes only while lounging in a pair of slippers. No man or woman would ever prefer a pair of boots over a pair of beautiful and comfortable slippers that would allow their feet to breathe and relax.

What are slippers?
It’s possible that you’ve been wearing them your entire life, the majority of us have! In fact, you’ve most likely worn a variety of them as well. As you read this, you might even be wearing them, and there’s a good possibility you’ve never given the following question much thought…”What exactly are slippers?”

Well, to put it in simple words- Slippers are a type of footwear that is quite popular since they are comfortable and easy to wear. They are usually only worn indoors and are often associated with lounge wear because they ooze comfort and instantly bring a homely vibe to your feet.

Why wear slippers?
When there are a number of different kinds of footwear available in the market, yet one of the must haves is a comfortable pair of slippers. Ever wondered why we wear slippers? The answer is- slippers are worn indoors for a variety of reasons by individuals all over the world. Many are concerned with protecting our houses, their furnishings, and floors, while others are concerned with personal comfort and even general foot health.  

Here are some of the most common causes on why we wear slippers:

To protect our feet
The first and most valid reason is to protect our feet. While walking around at home, it is not uncommon to come across a pin or a sharp object that can easily damage our naked feet. Moreover, it is not possible to walk around shoes or heels all day long, even while relaxing at home! This is where slippers come to your rescue. They protect your feet from the severely cold or hot floor, or any other object that can damage your feet.

To protect the flooring
Another reason to wear slippers is to protect the floor. Since slippers are often worn inside your home, they are comparatively less dirty than your shoes and sandals that have been accompanying you all day long. No matter how clean they might look, a little dirt and debris is bound to enter your home with them. This can affect your flooring negatively and leave it in poor condition, but if you wear your clean slippers around, you are good to go!

They are easy to wear
While shoes and heels might add an oomph to your outfit, the truth is you cannot go around wearing them around your house all day long. This is why we wear slippers! They are easy to put on and slide off, and they keep our feet free and happy, which adds on to a healthy living.  

For the comfort of our feet
Whenever you might visit your friend’s house, it is unlikely that you’ll find a similar pair of shoes or sandals, but one thing that is bound to stay common when it comes to footwear are a pair of slippers! The sole reason why we wear slippers and why they are so common to find is because of the comfort they bring to your feet. They allow your feet to breath and avoid any scope of shoe bite, or heel-ache because they are soft, and flat heeled.

What are the best slippers for men?

When it comes to finding the best slippers for men, some of the top contenders are:

One of the many must haves in every man’s footwear collection is a pair of kolhapuri slippers. They are ethnic. They are comfortable. And they are undeniably chic. They check every box without compromising your comfort! What else does a man want in his slippers?  

Buy yourself the best pair of kolhapuri slippers from the infamous Action Eva Flotter collection, and amp up your slippers collection!

Leather Look-alike Slippers
Another pair of best slippers for men are the Action Eva Flotter’s Leather Look-Alike Slippers. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and look extremely stylish too. One of the biggest concerns with wearing slippers is how they often tone down the dazzle of your outfit. These slippers will compliment your outfit AND your comfort. A total win-win!

V-shape Flip Flops
Next up are the classic V-shaped Flip Flops! They are easy to wear, authentic, cheap, and extremely comfortable too. Be it 5 in the morning or 7 in the evening, you can go on a walk, or even lounge around in Action Eva Flotter’s V-Shaped Flip Flops all day long.

Lastly, we have our new favourites- slides. They are fairly new in the market and have already made a place for themselves amongst the best slippers for men. The only difference between slides and V-shaped slippers is the positioning of the band.

What are the best slippers for women?
Heels might be the secret tool of every woman, but a comfortable pair of slippers is her true best friend! Some of the best slippers for women are:

V-shaped Flip-flops
Firstly, we have the classic V-shaped Flip Flops that make beach days easier, and local market runs even more easier! They are easy to slip into and the Action Eva Flotter collection gives you a variety to choose from and match with all your outfits at reasonable costs.

Ladies high-heeled slippers
Another kind of best slipper for women is the high heeled slipper. They are a bit more classy and do not compromise with your comfort while allowing you to look chic! A total must have.

Ladies V-shaped slides
Lastly, we have the new favourite- Ladies V-shaped Slides. They are a bit fancy but often come with cushion padding so that you can rock them all day long.

Get yourself the best pair of slippers today and gift your feet the comfort that they deserve!

Best Brand for Men's Footwear in India

Footwear is an important part of your dressing and appearance. In older times, footwear was used to cover feet and protect them from outside harm, including heat, uneven landscapes, thorns or sharp objects. As time advanced, footwear became a major part of our appearance and an indication of different social and economic statuses.  

Currently, footwear is a part of fashion and lifestyle, and numerous footwear brands are working across India to produce footwear that matches every market need. Various footwear brands are continuously experimenting with bringing new types of footwear into the market that are unique, useful and interesting to the users. 

Men’s footwear is a major part of the footwear industry, and every leading footwear brand in India has its men’s section in which they offer a wide range of men’s footwear that includes fashionwear, healthcare and many more. Here, we will tell you briefly about men’s footwear and the primary features of top men’s footwear brands in India. 

Men’s Footwear 

Before we jump into the conversation about men’s footwear, let us briefly describe the concept of footwear. Footwear is an integral part of our dressing. The word footwear means anything we wear on our feet. 

 The primary function of footwear is to protect our feet from harm while walking. But as time passed, the use of footwear got new dimensions as footwear is now used to protect feet and create style statements, used for specific events (sports), health care etc. And therefore, most of the top men’s footwear brands in India offer various types of footwear that match every need.  

Men’s shoes 

The men’s shoe section is an important part of men’s footwear in India, and almost every men’s footwear brand has this section in their men’s footwear collection. Shoes are usually made of leather and clothes that are comfortable to wear and easy to use. There are numerous types of shoes available according to material type, shape, usage purpose, etc.  

Men’s shoes are available in various shapes and sizes, and one can get them according to their choices. The most common shapes of men’s shoes are v-shaped, u-shaped, round-shaped, pointed etc. According to the material type, you can get various kinds of leather and cloth shoes like leather pumps, loafers, etc. 

Men’s Slippers

Men’s slippers are also a popular part of men’s footwear and very popular among users. Slippers are mainly designed for everyday use and have heat-resistant, anti-slippery, and strong bases that make them compatible with the Indian climate and landscapes. Slippers are mainly made of rubber, plastic etc., that are useful to resist slipperiness, temperature, sharp objects etc. Slippers are also available in various shapes and sizes.  

Men’s Sandals 

Men’s Sandal is a typical Indian style of men’s footwear that is useful in everyday life and on special occasions. The men’s sandals come in various styles, including plain, designed, Kolhapuri etc. Many leading men’s footwear brands offer high-quality, sustainable, cost-effective sandals for different uses. Sandals are usually made of rubber, leather, plastic and sometimes cloth.  

 Men’s footwear for summer 

Many reputed and top men’s footwear brands in India offer seasonal footwear collections that are perfect for the summer seasons. Most of the summer collections are made of light, sustainable materials and have open or semi-open structures so that your feet can breathe in the humid weather and you do not feel stuffy all day. Also, the footwear collection for summer comes in a bright and vibrant appearance that suits the summer climate. The summer collection footwear is designed to make your footwear compatible with the summer climate and provide a comfortable walking experience.  

Men’s footwear for Monsoon 

Monsoon is another prominent season in India; the main features of the season are rain, mud etc., and you cannot wear shoes made of cloth in this environment. Monsoon footwear collections are designed to resist slipperiness and work as sustainable and waterproof, which is very helpful for the Monsoon season. The monsoon collection footwear is useful to beat the monsoon splash and slippery and muddy roads. The monsoon footwear collection also comes in various colours and styles that fit the climate and surroundings. 

Men’s footwear for winter 

The winter footwear collection is mainly designed to protect your feet from cold and wetness and keep your feet warm during winter. Winter footwear is mainly made of leather, cloth and sometimes wool or warm materials that help preserve body temperature. Winter footwear is usually closed or slightly open to avoid cold and keep your feet warm. 

So, if you are looking for a top men’s footwear brand in India with a wide range of products, try Action Eva, one of India’s reputed and leading footwear brands. 

Women's Footwear Brand

Some of the Best Women’s footwear brand in India hold a significant footwear market and provide different kinds of footwear for women. 

Footwear is an immensely important part of our everyday lives, and you probably cannot think about living in the modern world without them.

The primary reason to use footwear is to protect your feet from any potential harm during walking.

Also, footwear is helpful to make you’re waking comfortable and easy as that successfully prevents all the earthly obstacles that can interfere with walking, including temperature, thorns, uneven ground or slippery slopes etc.  

Women’s footwear is a significant part of the entire footwear industry.

Almost every leading and reputed footwear brand has its women’s footwear section, offering a wide range of footwear for women and trying to match every market need.

Several footwear brands in India offer quality footwear for a budget-friendly price.  

Women’s footwear and comfort 

Bringing comfort in walking is one of the major reasons to use footwear. Most footwear brands design their products keeping the comfort factor in mind.

If any footwear has a beautiful design and structure but is too harsh on the feet, then it’s very likely not to find popularity in the market.

Therefore, every footwear brand focuses on developing footwear that is comfortable to use and brings easy walking.  

Many footwear companies in India provide quality footwear that is very comfortable in various types and sizes. You can get sandals, shoes and slippers specially designed to make your every walk smooth and comfortable. 

Women’s footwear and trend 

Footwear is a big part of fashion or trend; with time, they have become an inevitable part of the Indian fashion market.

And therefore, every leading footwear brand constantly improves its footwear collection and adds new features that match market trends and create new style statements.  

Most of the top women’s footwear brands in India currently focus on how they can introduce new products that fit with the current market trends and get more popularity among users.

Fashion trends change rapidly, so footwear brands always welcome new trends and use them as opportunities to launch new and in-fashion products that will interest users.  

Women’s footwear and numbers 

Another major factor in choosing footwear and making footwear is the number. Footwear number or shoe number indicates a specific size of shoes.

The numbers are a very important feature of footwear that helps people identify which footwear will fit them perfectly. Every registered and top women’s footwear brand in India follows the same numbing that will indicate different sizes.  

Shoe size is a big factor; therefore, every trusted footwear brand strictly follows the numbering scheme to offer the accurate size of the footwear, whether it is everyday use slippers or designed sandals and sneakers.

The numbers of every footwear are imprinted on the back or front and occasionally on both sides of the footwear.  

Women’s footwear for formal, informal and every use 

Women’s footwear holds a significant amount of total footwear market share and is also one of the fastest-growing segments of the footwear market.

Every top footwear brand in India currently offers a wide range of women’s footwear that matches different market needs.

The leading footwear brands provide different kinds of women’s shoes from proper use to occasional and informal use, as well as shoes for everyday life like plain slippers, plain sandals etc.  

Women’s footwear and healthcare 

Nowadays, healthcare footwear is very popular among users, and there is no exception for the women’s footwear section.

The women’s health care footwear is designed to impact the various aspects of health and promote physical fitness and wellness.

The healthcare footwear uses acupressure technology to enhance blood circulation in the feet, provide relief from pain and discomfort etc.  

The healthcare slippers are hugely successful in the women’s footwear market.  

Budget-friendly Women’s footwear brand in India

The budget is a big matter in the footwear market, and most people tend to choose sustainable and budget-friendly shoes over high price premium shoes.

And to be a successful footwear brand, one needs to prioritize good-quality shoes at reasonable prices and high-quality premium products. 

Also, many top footwear brands in India offer quality footwear at budget-friendly prices that can get a good market in the footwear Industry.

These brands are constantly enhancing their footwear quality and making them reasonable to buy for everyone.  

Best Women’s footwear brand in India

Women’s footwear not only holds a prominent position in the footwear industry but also caters for a big market. So, if you are looking for the top women’s footwear brands in India, try Action Eva women’s footwear which has a vast range of high-quality shoes for women. 


Footwear is equally important for kids as well as for adults. The juniors of our society need more care and protection in every term. Nowadays, kids are aware of fashion trends, so it is essential for parents to know about the Top kids’ footwear brand in India.

As footwear is closely associated with dressing and appearance, it is impossible to exclude them from kids’ fashion trends.  

Currently, most of the top footwear brand in India have their kids’ sections. In those sections, they offer different types of kids’ footwear ranging from simple slippers to trendy and beautiful kids’ shoes.  

Also, the kid’s footwear section holds a significant amount of footwear market share in India. Here we will briefly discuss the top kids’ footwear brands in India

Footwear is an integral part of our outlook and appearance. Before we jump into the conversation about kids’ footwear, let us tell you about the footwear in short. What is footwear?

The term itself is quite expressive and says it all. Foot +wear is footwear; it means anything we wear on our feet is footwear.

The main function of footwear is to prevent any harm to our feet. Footwear also helps in caring for our health. 

The leading and top footwear brands in India do not only have a kid’s footwear section, but they also provide different types of footwear that can match different needs.

There are mainly three types of kids’ footwear available in the market- slippers , shoes and sandals.  

Kids’ slippers are very popular in the kid’s footwear section. This footwear is primarily made of rubber, cloth, plastic etc.

Each material has its benefit and is helpful in a specific climate, and environment. Like plastic and rubber slippers are useful for the rainy season and watery and wet landscapes.

The slippers are mainly divided into two groups – open and closed-shaped slippers.  

The shoe segment also has a prominent position in the kid’s footwear section, where the leading brands offer a beautiful and eye-catchy collection of kids’ shoes.

The shoes are mainly designed to comfort the tender feet of children and make their waking smooth. There are various kinds of shoes available in the market like Athletics shoes, pump shoes and sneakers. The shoes are mainly designed to comfort the feet and make walking easier.  

Sandals are an inseparable part of the Indian footwear industry, and almost every leading brand has its sandal collection.

Just like the men’s and women’s sections, the kids’ footwear section also has a wide range of sandals. From traditional embroidered ones for festivals and events to simple and basic sandals for formal and everyday use.  

Comfort is a big factor in the footwear industry, especially when they are made for kids. Therefore, most footwear brands keep this factor in their minds when designing kids’ footwear.

If any footwear has a brilliant structure and design but fails to comfort kids’ tender feet, then it may not find popularity in the market. Therefore, every footwear brand focus on developing footwear that is comfortable to use and makes every walk enjoyable.  

Nowadays, footwear is an integral part of fashion or trends, and with time it has become an important part of the Indian fashion market.

And therefore, every leading footwear brand is constantly working on improving its footwear collection and adding new features that can match market trends and create new style statements.  

Therefore, many top kids’ footwear brands in India are currently focusing on how they can introduce new products that fit with current market trends and get more popularity among the little customers.  

The budget is a big factor in the footwear market for adults and kids, and most people tend to choose sustainable and budget-friendly footwear over premium ones.

Also, kids use footwear roughly, so most parents prefer strong and sustainable footwear for kids that also comes at a reasonable price. Therefore, most of the top footwear brands in India offer quality footwear at a budget-friendly price and other premium footwear products to cater to various market needs.  

Kids’ footwear selection is difficult, and every parent wants to get the best for their kids. So, when you want to get the best footwear for your little one, try Action Eva, one of the top footwear brands in India that offer a wide range of quality footwear for kids. 


Finding the right shoe for your kids as they head off to school can be a challenging task. Researching which school shoes to purchase can leave all parents feeling like they are failing in an examination.

Are the expensive ones better? Are the cheaper one’s, ok? Should I go for laces or buckles? Should I go for a bigger size? Kids grow out of shoes very quickly and buying a school shoe is an annual dilemma for parents with school aged kids.

Taking care of the comfort, durability, longevity of school shoes is a major concern for all parents. 

Kids school shoes and sandals play an integral part of their wardrobe and act as an essential for every child when they go off to school. Comfortable and durable pair of school shoe is a necessity and helps your kid enjoy school while being content in their shoes.

If you have been looking for shoes that can make them, feel the flyest, Action Shoes design and craft kids school shoes that are especially made to provide ample protection and comfort for a confident, smart kid at school. 

Why Action Shoes? 
When your kids first enter the school, they require shoes that make them look confident and feel their best. For kids going to school, style come secondary but comfort, longevity and durability become the primary factors in the choice of shoes. 

  • Action shoes design and craft special range of kid’s school shoes that can endure the harshest treatment your kid can give.
  • Their shoes also ensure a comfortable fit, withstanding any weather conditions and provides total protection to help your children enjoy their childhood. 
  • Action shoes provide pairs of comfortable school shoes that can help parents forget their constant worries and expenditure on school footwear for their kids.
  • They offer a wide array of school shoes for boys and girls for all foot sizes at their local and online store.
  • The range of kids school shoes are sure to last your expectations and help your child be comfortable in the fit of the shoe. 
  • Combining a fresh look with the classics school shoe, action shoes a perfect for their field play a time or everyday wear.
  • The lightweight comfort with the padded sole provides a supporter feel while the kids wear the shoe all the day long.
  • The shoes have soft form but sturdy body that helps the kids stay comfortable as they move from class to class. 

Thanks to the synthetic upper, the shoe provides perfect style and comfortable support from the outsole to the midsole. 

What to look for in a good School shoe for your kid? 
The best variety of school shoes for your kid should be the one that is supportive, comfortable and durable with a good gripping sole. Action shoes drinks comfort, flexibility, and lightweight shoes that are a perfect fit for your kid. 

Flexibility: To help your kid be comfortable at school while moving from one class to another, pick up a shoe that is easy to bend by pushing the toe upwards. However, the flexibility should not be search that the shoe bends all over and results into wasting your kids’ feet. 

Small heel: The shoes to be used as a school shoe should also has a small heel that ensures to keep your child’s feet it in a neutral position. A flat shoe can cause your kids toe to claw while walking or running. 

Light-weight: Kids school shoes should always be light-weight as a heavy shoe can cause foot aches are muscle pain. 

Proper wiggle room: The school shoe for your kid should have plenty of room to let your child wiggle their toes, easily. 

Soft insole: The insole of the shoe should be soft and made of a fabric that is absorbent to sweat. The shoe should also be easy to remove for kids. 

Action shoes are created and designed with a lot of priority to comfort for a growing foot. They are flexible, soft but sturdy for a kid’s mischievous and growing feet. 


Leather accessories are a style statement. They are fashionable and exquisite. However, in weather like the current monsoon, the dampness might take a toll on them. Leather accessories especially shoes and bags require extreme care and protection from weather changes. With the unpredictable monsoon wreaking havoc on day to day life, our beloved leather shoes require special attention. It is crucial to know the most appropriate ways to take care of precious leather shoes. 

Leather is a durable material. It lasts long but requires an equal amount of care. While purchasing pure leather shoes might have taken a toll on your pocket, don’t let the weather take a toll on them. Regardless of the price, endurance or durability of the shoes, if they are not properly cared for during the monsoon season, they may get ruined. 

The first characteristic to be compromised is the quality and kind of leather. The first thing to ensure when handling the leather shoes during monsoon is the quality of the shoes. If the leather of the shoes is not original, they will lose their shine quickly and their texture will be ruined faster than the original ones. Purchasing leather shoes from a well-known brand ensures that you have purchased the right shoes that deserve the money spent. 

How can one save their leather shoes in the monsoon? 

Wipe down and dry the water from the leather goods: 
If the leather shoes are exposed to damp weather for a long time, they require cleaning to get rid of the excess water that can compromise their durability. If your leather shoes have been exposed to the turbulent monsoon, carefully brush off the dirt and allow the shoes to dry at room temperature. You can remove the moisture from the shoes with the help of a muslin cloth or using a towel. However, in all cases ignore the use of newspapers as the ink from the newspaper might transfer to your precious shoes. 

Store carefully to keep moisture at bay: 
Moisture is a common occurrence in the monsoon season. Even if you have stored your leather shoes carefully, they might be subjected to moisture during seasons of heavy rainfall. It is critical at those times to keep your leather in a dry and cool space that is away from the reach of the monsoon. To keep moisture at bay, you can also place a packet of silica gel in the shoe storage area. 

Choose a leather conditioner to keep your leather shoes in their best shine: 
Leather shoes require regular polishing using leather conditioners to retain their original shine. You can use a professional leather conditioner or a multipurpose conditioner that can help hydrate, condition and improve the feel of your leather shoes. The exclusive conditioner is specially created for leather shoes. It is designed to improve the look and feel of the leather shoe while retaining its original sheen. These leather conditioners can also be used for leather bags, and other leather items like belts, pants, and more. 

Your leather shoes require cleaning even when they are not in use. 
As much as the leather shoes demand cleaning during monsoon when in use, they also require cleaning and regular conditioning when not in use. With the pandemic when we are rarely stepping out and walking out in our leather shoes, your favourite leather shoes and accessories may require regular maintenance. It is crucial for leather shoes to be maintained regularly to avoid unnecessary damage and tears. 

A trick that Works! 
If you are in love with your leather shoes, Lay a sheet of tissue paper or a paper towel inside the shoes. Leave it like that for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat the process to dry out the shoe perfectly from the inside. 

You can try the same trick during the rainy season.