Sneakers vs loafers vs flip-flops vs floaters:  Which is best for summer? 

Today we have plenty of options when it comes to footwear, and you can choose anything that suits your fashion sense and comfort requirements. Some people select floater shoes men’s for the office, while others can choose sneakers or loafers. But you can only make the right choice when you know the difference between different shoes.  

And here, we will discuss the difference between sneakers, loafers, flip-flops and floaters for your help.  

Sneakers, synonymously called athletic or tennis shoes usually made for outdoor activities. This type of footwear is made with rubbery, stretchable and synthetic materials (sole) and canvas or leather (upper surface).  

Unlike loafers, sneakers have lace and have a good grip over the ground. Sneakers are ideal for sports activities like running and jumping. 

Loafers, also known as slip-on shoes, are usually made with leather. In some cases, it can come in materials like cloth or canvas and have tassels on the front part. Loafers do not have laces and go well for casual and semi-casual wear.  

Loafers are light and flexible but can get damaged if frequently exposed to harsh environments like water, oil, dirt, mud, etc.  

They are suitable for pleasant weather and light use. You can wear them in spring, fall or winter when you are up for a walk or outing.       

Besides the floater sandals for men and women, flip-flops are also popular for comfort and sustainability. Flip-flops are also popularly known as slippers, thongs or sandals.  

Flip-flops are made with rubber or plastic. It has a sole attached to a Y-shaped (thong) that passes the big toe and second toe. They are light breeze and durable. Sippers look simple; you can wear them outdoors or indoors in summer and monsoon, but they are best for indoors.   

Floaters are quite popular for their look, comfort and flexibility. Floater shoes meaning is a type footwear that feels like floating around your feet without suffocating it like a boot or a sports shoe. Floaters have a strong, flexible, durable sole firmly attached to the foot by a strap over the instep and around the ankle.  

The main purpose of floaters is to provide strong support to the feet and ankle for trouble-free moving. It also ensures users’ comfort and ease.  

Why are floaters back in the summer trend? 

Floaters sandals for men and women arrived in the market in the 90s and created global sensation. And again, the revamped floaters are making waves in the current footwear market. And here are some reasons why floaters are back in this summer trend.      

  • Comfort  
    These days, people prioritize comfort over style. Also, for most of us, something comfortable yet cool is the best. And the floaters have a light and breezy feel. Also, the materials are soft on your feet, and you can easily wear them all day in summer.  
  • Sustainable 
    Indian summer means scorching heat, sudden rain storms and puddles on roads, and only durable materials like rubber or plastic can withstand such harshness. Floaters and sandals for men and women can go really well in summer. Floaters have flexible soles, mostly made with rubber or plastic, that can easily bear heat, water and mud.  
  • Vibrant looks  
    New Crocs floaters and floater sandals for ladies, kids and men have a vibrant look that perfectly match the sunny, bright summer season. They are primarily made with plastic or rubber and come in bright and lively shades. With these floater shoes, you can match the summer vibe and gracefully hit the road.  
  • Unisex use  
    Floaters are unisex shoes, and anyone can wear them. And this is another reason floaters are coming back in trend. We are moving towards a world of gender equality. And what could be better than hitting the road with a pair of unisex floaters this summer?  
  • Versatile use  
    Another major reason for going back to your old floaters is their versatile use. Floaters are versatile; if you have floater shoes in your house, anyone with the same size can wear them as they are unisex. Also, you use them inside your home like slippers or wear them outdoors for walking, jogging, running or regular use.  
  • Breathable  
    Summer means the season of light, breathable and easy-to-use things, whether it is footwear or clothes. And that is why floaters are best for your summer use. They are breathable and mostly open or semi-open, making them alluring for summer.          

    Whether you get a shoe for your regular use, office or special occasions, you must choose something comfortable yet stylish, and nothing can beat floaters in terms of style and comfort. So, if you are looking for quality floaters, you can visit Action EVA. Here, you can get a wide range of quality floater shoes for men, women and kids