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Best Slippers for Men, Women and Kids
While the whole world boasts about their collection of sneakers or fancy heels, the honest truth is, true comfort comes only while lounging in a pair of slippers. No man or woman would ever prefer a pair of boots over a pair of beautiful and comfortable slippers that would allow their feet to breathe and relax.

What are slippers?
It’s possible that you’ve been wearing them your entire life, the majority of us have! In fact, you’ve most likely worn a variety of them as well. As you read this, you might even be wearing them, and there’s a good possibility you’ve never given the following question much thought…”What exactly are slippers?”

Well, to put it in simple words- Slippers are a type of footwear that is quite popular since they are comfortable and easy to wear. They are usually only worn indoors and are often associated with lounge wear because they ooze comfort and instantly bring a homely vibe to your feet.

Why wear slippers?
When there are a number of different kinds of footwear available in the market, yet one of the must haves is a comfortable pair of slippers. Ever wondered why we wear slippers? The answer is- slippers are worn indoors for a variety of reasons by individuals all over the world. Many are concerned with protecting our houses, their furnishings, and floors, while others are concerned with personal comfort and even general foot health.  

Here are some of the most common causes on why we wear slippers:

To protect our feet
The first and most valid reason is to protect our feet. While walking around at home, it is not uncommon to come across a pin or a sharp object that can easily damage our naked feet. Moreover, it is not possible to walk around shoes or heels all day long, even while relaxing at home! This is where slippers come to your rescue. They protect your feet from the severely cold or hot floor, or any other object that can damage your feet.

To protect the flooring
Another reason to wear slippers is to protect the floor. Since slippers are often worn inside your home, they are comparatively less dirty than your shoes and sandals that have been accompanying you all day long. No matter how clean they might look, a little dirt and debris is bound to enter your home with them. This can affect your flooring negatively and leave it in poor condition, but if you wear your clean slippers around, you are good to go!

They are easy to wear
While shoes and heels might add an oomph to your outfit, the truth is you cannot go around wearing them around your house all day long. This is why we wear slippers! They are easy to put on and slide off, and they keep our feet free and happy, which adds on to a healthy living.  

For the comfort of our feet
Whenever you might visit your friend’s house, it is unlikely that you’ll find a similar pair of shoes or sandals, but one thing that is bound to stay common when it comes to footwear are a pair of slippers! The sole reason why we wear slippers and why they are so common to find is because of the comfort they bring to your feet. They allow your feet to breath and avoid any scope of shoe bite, or heel-ache because they are soft, and flat heeled.

What are the best slippers for men?

When it comes to finding the best slippers for men, some of the top contenders are:

One of the many must haves in every man’s footwear collection is a pair of kolhapuri slippers. They are ethnic. They are comfortable. And they are undeniably chic. They check every box without compromising your comfort! What else does a man want in his slippers?  

Buy yourself the best pair of kolhapuri slippers from the infamous Action Eva Flotter collection, and amp up your slippers collection!

Leather Look-alike Slippers
Another pair of best slippers for men are the Action Eva Flotter’s Leather Look-Alike Slippers. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and look extremely stylish too. One of the biggest concerns with wearing slippers is how they often tone down the dazzle of your outfit. These slippers will compliment your outfit AND your comfort. A total win-win!

V-shape Flip Flops
Next up are the classic V-shaped Flip Flops! They are easy to wear, authentic, cheap, and extremely comfortable too. Be it 5 in the morning or 7 in the evening, you can go on a walk, or even lounge around in Action Eva Flotter’s V-Shaped Flip Flops all day long.

Lastly, we have our new favourites- slides. They are fairly new in the market and have already made a place for themselves amongst the best slippers for men. The only difference between slides and V-shaped slippers is the positioning of the band.

What are the best slippers for women?
Heels might be the secret tool of every woman, but a comfortable pair of slippers is her true best friend! Some of the best slippers for women are:

V-shaped Flip-flops
Firstly, we have the classic V-shaped Flip Flops that make beach days easier, and local market runs even more easier! They are easy to slip into and the Action Eva Flotter collection gives you a variety to choose from and match with all your outfits at reasonable costs.

Ladies high-heeled slippers
Another kind of best slipper for women is the high heeled slipper. They are a bit more classy and do not compromise with your comfort while allowing you to look chic! A total must have.

Ladies V-shaped slides
Lastly, we have the new favourite- Ladies V-shaped Slides. They are a bit fancy but often come with cushion padding so that you can rock them all day long.

Get yourself the best pair of slippers today and gift your feet the comfort that they deserve!