Best brand for men’s footwear in India 

Footwear is an important part of your dressing and appearance. In older times, footwear was used to cover feet and protect them from outside harm, including heat, uneven landscapes, thorns or sharp objects. As time advanced, footwear became a major part of our appearance and an indication of different social and economic statuses.  

Currently, footwear is a part of fashion and lifestyle, and numerous footwear brands are working across India to produce footwear that matches every market need. Various footwear brands are continuously experimenting with bringing new types of footwear into the market that are unique, useful and interesting to the users. 

Men’s footwear is a major part of the footwear industry, and every leading footwear brand in India has its men’s section in which they offer a wide range of men’s footwear that includes fashionwear, healthcare and many more. Here, we will tell you briefly about men’s footwear and the primary features of top men’s footwear brands in India. 

Men’s Footwear 

Before we jump into the conversation about men’s footwear, let us briefly describe the concept of footwear. Footwear is an integral part of our dressing. The word footwear means anything we wear on our feet. 

 The primary function of footwear is to protect our feet from harm while walking. But as time passed, the use of footwear got new dimensions as footwear is now used to protect feet and create style statements, used for specific events (sports), health care etc. And therefore, most of the top men’s footwear brands in India offer various types of footwear that match every need.  

Men’s shoes 

The men’s shoe section is an important part of men’s footwear in India, and almost every men’s footwear brand has this section in their men’s footwear collection. Shoes are usually made of leather and clothes that are comfortable to wear and easy to use. There are numerous types of shoes available according to material type, shape, usage purpose, etc.  

Men’s shoes are available in various shapes and sizes, and one can get them according to their choices. The most common shapes of men’s shoes are v-shaped, u-shaped, round-shaped, pointed etc. According to the material type, you can get various kinds of leather and cloth shoes like leather pumps, loafers, etc. 

Men’s Slippers

Men’s slippers are also a popular part of men’s footwear and very popular among users. Slippers are mainly designed for everyday use and have heat-resistant, anti-slippery, and strong bases that make them compatible with the Indian climate and landscapes. Slippers are mainly made of rubber, plastic etc., that are useful to resist slipperiness, temperature, sharp objects etc. Slippers are also available in various shapes and sizes.  

Men’s Sandals 

Men’s Sandal is a typical Indian style of men’s footwear that is useful in everyday life and on special occasions. The men’s sandals come in various styles, including plain, designed, Kolhapuri etc. Many leading men’s footwear brands offer high-quality, sustainable, cost-effective sandals for different uses. Sandals are usually made of rubber, leather, plastic and sometimes cloth.  

 Men’s footwear for summer 

Many reputed and top men’s footwear brands in India offer seasonal footwear collections that are perfect for the summer seasons. Most of the summer collections are made of light, sustainable materials and have open or semi-open structures so that your feet can breathe in the humid weather and you do not feel stuffy all day. Also, the footwear collection for summer comes in a bright and vibrant appearance that suits the summer climate. The summer collection footwear is designed to make your footwear compatible with the summer climate and provide a comfortable walking experience.  

Men’s footwear for Monsoon 

Monsoon is another prominent season in India; the main features of the season are rain, mud etc., and you cannot wear shoes made of cloth in this environment. Monsoon footwear collections are designed to resist slipperiness and work as sustainable and waterproof, which is very helpful for the Monsoon season. The monsoon collection footwear is useful to beat the monsoon splash and slippery and muddy roads. The monsoon footwear collection also comes in various colours and styles that fit the climate and surroundings. 

Men’s footwear for winter 

The winter footwear collection is mainly designed to protect your feet from cold and wetness and keep your feet warm during winter. Winter footwear is mainly made of leather, cloth and sometimes wool or warm materials that help preserve body temperature. Winter footwear is usually closed or slightly open to avoid cold and keep your feet warm. 

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