Ultimate Guide to Care for Leather Shoes in Monsoon 

Leather accessories are a style statement. They are fashionable and exquisite. However, in weather like the current monsoon, the dampness might take a toll on them. Leather accessories especially shoes and bags require extreme care and protection from weather changes. With the unpredictable monsoon wreaking havoc on day to day life, our beloved leather shoes require special attention. It is crucial to know the most appropriate ways to take care of precious leather shoes. 

Leather is a durable material. It lasts long but requires an equal amount of care. While purchasing pure leather shoes might have taken a toll on your pocket, don’t let the weather take a toll on them. Regardless of the price, endurance or durability of the shoes, if they are not properly cared for during the monsoon season, they may get ruined. 

The first characteristic to be compromised is the quality and kind of leather. The first thing to ensure when handling the leather shoes during monsoon is the quality of the shoes. If the leather of the shoes is not original, they will lose their shine quickly and their texture will be ruined faster than the original ones. Purchasing leather shoes from a well-known brand ensures that you have purchased the right shoes that deserve the money spent. 

How can one save their leather shoes in the monsoon? 

Wipe down and dry the water from the leather goods: 
If the leather shoes are exposed to damp weather for a long time, they require cleaning to get rid of the excess water that can compromise their durability. If your leather shoes have been exposed to the turbulent monsoon, carefully brush off the dirt and allow the shoes to dry at room temperature. You can remove the moisture from the shoes with the help of a muslin cloth or using a towel. However, in all cases ignore the use of newspapers as the ink from the newspaper might transfer to your precious shoes. 

Store carefully to keep moisture at bay: 
Moisture is a common occurrence in the monsoon season. Even if you have stored your leather shoes carefully, they might be subjected to moisture during seasons of heavy rainfall. It is critical at those times to keep your leather in a dry and cool space that is away from the reach of the monsoon. To keep moisture at bay, you can also place a packet of silica gel in the shoe storage area. 

Choose a leather conditioner to keep your leather shoes in their best shine: 
Leather shoes require regular polishing using leather conditioners to retain their original shine. You can use a professional leather conditioner or a multipurpose conditioner that can help hydrate, condition and improve the feel of your leather shoes. The exclusive conditioner is specially created for leather shoes. It is designed to improve the look and feel of the leather shoe while retaining its original sheen. These leather conditioners can also be used for leather bags, and other leather items like belts, pants, and more. 

Your leather shoes require cleaning even when they are not in use. 
As much as the leather shoes demand cleaning during monsoon when in use, they also require cleaning and regular conditioning when not in use. With the pandemic when we are rarely stepping out and walking out in our leather shoes, your favourite leather shoes and accessories may require regular maintenance. It is crucial for leather shoes to be maintained regularly to avoid unnecessary damage and tears. 

A trick that Works! 
If you are in love with your leather shoes, Lay a sheet of tissue paper or a paper towel inside the shoes. Leave it like that for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat the process to dry out the shoe perfectly from the inside. 

You can try the same trick during the rainy season.